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Bird Rescues on Petsaver

There are countless numbers of pet birds nationwide looking for homes. Always make sure you are prepared before adopting any animal. Learn about how big the animal will get, what it eats, how much exercise and socialization it needs – BEFORE you adopt it. That will make the experience better for everyone involved.

Arizona Exotic Bird Rescue, Inc.

Cleveland Animal Protective League (OH)

Echo’s Haven

bosun agapornis-848071-m funkyparrot

The Gabriel Foundation (CO)

The Lily Santuary (CA)

Mickaboo Companion Bird Rescue (CA)

Misfit Animals (MD)

The Oasis Sanctuary (AZ)

Ollie’s Parrots Perch (IL)

Parrot Education and Adoption Center (AK)

Phoenix Landing (NC, VA)

Rescue the Birds (IL)

SC Coastal Animal Rescue & Educational Sanctuary (SC CARES)

Wilson Parrot Foundation (MD)