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Proper application of flea and tick medication


When I was a kid, fleas were horrible and no methods of killing them were very effective. Once infested, the fleas would be everywhere and it was a great reason for my parents to NOT let me have a pet dog or cat. The days of the old toxic no-flea collar are over. Forget about fighting with your pet, trying to bathe them and ending up wetter than they are.

Nowadays, just about everyone uses monthly liquid flea and tick medicine for their dogs and cats. Not everyone knows how to apply it. No matter what brand you use, you need to know how to apply the medication to ensure your pets’ health and happiness.

This medication eliminates a host of external parasites including fleas, their eggs (which other medications cannot kill), larvae and pupae, all stages of development of many species of ticks. Chewing lice are also killed.


The reason that the medication is applied between the shoulder blades is because that is pretty much the only place that a dog or cat cannot reach. If the medication is swallowed from the animal licking it at, it could cause serious health problems. So placing it in that location is probably the most crucial part of the process.

Make sure you have the right dosage of the flea preventative. The size of the animal is very important and you should never give medication meant for a larger animal to a smaller one because there can be overdose side effects.

Open the package and remove the applicator packet. Hold it upright because you do not want to spill any of the medicine when you open it. Place the tip of the applicator in the fur, as close to the skin as possible. Squeeze out all of the medication in that one small area.

I always give him the flea preventative right before we go for a walk. That way, I know that the medication has a chance to sink into his skin before he lies down to take a nap. He takes a lot of naps! The first time I used the medicine, I realized that a lot of it ended up on his bed and not on him. If you discover this, wash the covering of the bed because you want to avoid any chance of the animal licking at the bed and ingesting the flea medication.

Some people think that you only need flea medication during the summer months. This is not true for most locations in the US. Spring and fall are terrible for flea infestation. It is best to keep your pet, and yourself, on a routine of regular usage. It is not just for infestations, but also a preventative that keeps the animal free of fleas, all of the time.
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Be very careful when using any prescription medications. Only use medication that is prescribed by your veterinarian. Do not use cat medications for your dog or vice versa, as there can be deadly consequences.

Unless your veterinarian tells you otherwise, use this medication once a month to prevent fleas, ticks and lice. Most brands are by prescription only, so you will need to consult a veterinarian before applying the medication. Use it safely and you and your pet will enjoy a flea-free life.