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Reptiles & Amphibians


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There are so many reptiles & amphibians (also known as herptiles or “herps”) nationwide looking for homes. Always make sure you are prepared before adopting any animal. Learn about how big the animal will get, what it eats, how much exercise and socialization it needs — BEFORE you adopt it. That will make the experience better for everyone involved.

Are you special?

Remember that it takes a special person to adopt an animal. Every day thousands of reptiles are looking for homes in your state. With new laws being created and passed every year, the restrictions may force a lot of people to give up with reptile hobby.

jubs gecko

Fight to keep your pets!

Fighting for your rights is something that does not have to be left up to lobbyists, attorneys and professional herpetologists. If enough people are outraged and fight against proposed laws, they will not pass. When no one goes to bat for their animals, they often become outlawed. Recent pushes for stricter animal laws are working against people in the reptile hobby. If you hear about a bill in your area, go to the hearing, speak up and become a soldier for the pets you love.

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