You can find rescues for just about any animal species you may want to adopt – from dogs to invertebrates. When you deal with a rescue, always check them out before you adopt from them. Here are some tips for finding a reputable rescue group.

  • Do they have an adoption application?
  • Do they have an adoption and/or surrender contract?
  • Do they work with a veterinarian?
  • Do the animals see a vet before they are adopted? (Not always necessary with all species)
  • Will they let you speak to other people who have adopted animals from them?
  • Are they no kill? (Most local Animal Control facilities are not no kill, but many rescues are.)
  • Do they have a website that explains their mission and vision?
  • Do they have an adoption fee? (Many rescues have the philosophy that a free animal has no value to the adopter.)

Think about whether you are buying or adopting an animal. Just because they have an adoption fee, does not mean you are buying it. Rarely do any rescues get government subsidies, most struggle to pay the bills. When you adopt from a reputable rescue you are helping a small organization stay afloat and giving an animal a good home. It’s a win-win situation.

Check out the rescue groups listed on our site. Please be aware that we do not endorse any rescue groups, we are just providing a list. It is up to the adopter to check out the group. If you are associated with a group that is not listed on Petsaver, please let us know and we will be happy to list you.

We are currently under construction. Keep checking back as we add rescues to the list!

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