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Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

The festive season is a time for joy and celebration, yet it brings potential risks for our beloved pets. Here are some of the most common holiday pet hazards you can avoid to keep your pets safe this holiday season.

Toxic Plants

Several common holiday plants, including Poinsettias, amaryllis, mistletoe, balsam, pine, cedar and holly, can all be harmful. They can even be poisonous to pets if ingested.

People Food

It’s crucial to keep human food out of reach for pets. Avoid sharing typical holiday treats with them. Instead, opt for treats specially formulated for pets. Foods such as chocolate, alcohol, caffeine, onions, garlic, fatty foods and bones are particularly dangerous for pets.


Holiday decorations like tinsel, ribbons, ornaments and lights may be tempting for pets to play with. They also pose potential hazards. Tinsel and ribbons can cause choking. Broken ornaments can lead to injuries. Lights may present an electrocution risk if your pet chews on them.


Hosting gatherings and welcoming visitors can be stressful for pets. Provide a quiet space, such as a room or crate, where your pet can retreat from the commotion. Ensure your guests are aware of your pets and instruct them not to feed any human food to the animals.

If you suspect that your pet has ingested something toxic, contact your veterinarian or nearest veterinary emergency clinic immediately. You may also want to call the ASPCA Poison Control Center (888-426-4435) or the Pet Poison Helpline (855-764-7661). Note that a fee may apply.

Keep your pets safe so everyone can have a happy holiday season.

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